Taylor Momsen Wore Clear Heels

and an intriguing outfit. Though the clear heels with a space for tips were the most interesting. Taylor Momsen- the famous Jenny from TV Series Gossip Girl- wore them to perform at Warped Tour over the weekend. But her entirely outfit leaves not much for your imagination.

Also, she is the face of the campaign for the ‘Material Girl’ collection- Madonna’s clothes collection for Macy’s.

Way to go Jenny! 🙂

Taylor Momsen at Fashion Week

Last week, Taylor Momsen – Little Jenny from Gossip Girl- stepped out in NYC wearing a revealing outfit. In any case, she made headlines by showing some skin at 16.

taylor momsen fashion weekShe wore it to perform with her band The Pretty Reckless, but she’s still wearing a sheer button-up, a garter belt, and sequined panties.

Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Back on Gossip Girl Set

I can’t wait for the season 3 og Gossip Girl to begin on 14th September. I know this will also means that summer has truly ended, but still a new episode from Gossip Girl makes it allright.

I have grown to like Taylor Momsen quite a lot through the last episodes of season2. Here she is on the set filming new episodes, blonder than ever, wearing a great purple dress.

taylor-momsen violet dress

And what do you think these 2 are up to? I mean Chuck ( Ed Westwick) and Jenny? 🙂

ed-westwick and taylor momsen

Taylor Momsen on the Gossip Girl Set

Taylor Momsen always makes her presence felt. Here are some photos of her from the set, showing off yet again her great fashion sense 🙂




Great looking, ain’t she?
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Gossip Girl Stars and Their Pets

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, aka Queen B, takes a break from plotting against her frenemies to cuddle her long-haired pooch on the New York City set of the hit show.


Hipster gal Jessica Szohr dodges snowflakes after emerging from her trailer with a furry friend.


Taylor Momsen steps out of the make-up trailer in curlers with a curly pa. So cute!


Actress Kelly Rutherford does double duty as mom and dog walker as she strolls with her son, Hérmes, and her dog Australian cattle dog, Oliver.


Blake Lively’s maltipoo Penny  getting some warmth on a blustery day.