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The Christmas magic has gone, and all we have left are the sweet memories that we have made this winter season. Putting back in boxes all the ornaments and the Christmas lights, and getting back to the before Christmas home design, can induce a little January blues into our system. In order to prevent the blues, I have asked the opinion of my designer friend from Tecto Arhitectura – yes it fells good to know people with fancy jobs like designers and architects! 

So, you are tired and bored of decorations in your house? If you have a painted wall or a wall covering that you are bored of, you can put on a coat of chalkboard paint or adhesive paper and play with patterns. It is a cheap and fast alternative to any other wall repainting and also you can DIY.
tecto advice 2
Or you can place huge wall number or motivational and inspirational texts on your walls. Also, if you have a statement sofa they will work great together.
Another quick trick you could do to revamp your home would be to remove painting from old frames – if it is a famous original painting it would be better not to :). I love the effect on the wall of empty frames. It is elegant and also catchy.
If you are really into a big changes mood, you can start with bedroom refurbishing, throw away all big chunky wardrobes and bedside tables, purge all non-useful things and clothes, keep only the must-haves ones that really represent you and show them off on a rail bar. Industrial chest of drawers is a good option for small things storage and a hanging swing that you can easily DIY will successfully replace old bedside table.
I don`t know about you, but writing this made myself eager to do this bedroom thing in my old bedroom and can`t wait to tell my family about it.
I am really happy for all these advice and I would love to do the empty frames ones. Which was your favorite?
Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Tuesday Tip: Urban House

Urban interiors feature nontraditional home materials, often including objects that are more often used in an industrial sense. Simple, yet beautiful, the Urban design look uses minimalist, Scandinavian style to create bright, elegant compositions. Greys are set against natural tans to bring a sense of warmth to these stylish, urban looks.  So, if you are thinking of redecorating you can take inspiration from some pictures here and also by asking my friends from Tecto Arhitectura for ideas.

Searching around I have discovered the styles proposed by Occa-Home. They look super stylish.

Other wow urban interior design ideas:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Dream House by Tecto Arhitectura

I absolutely fell in love with this amazing house designed by my friends from Tecto Arhitectura. They have used raw materials and energy for this house. It is very ‘green’ and it was built having sustainable energy in mind. I have the impression that the nature was brought inside the house with the designs that were made, and from the outside it looks as if the house was raised from the nature itself. The view from the windows is absolutely magnificent. I can easily imagine myself waking up to that view.

And. as a special bonus for Everydayfacts, Tecto will answer questions from my readers. So, if you have home design questions and/or your dream house to built in mind, be sure to drop your question as a comment to this post or use Twitter and @evrydayfacts to post your questions! Can’t wait to host this new section on my blog!

Photos courtesy of Tecto Arhitectura.