How To: Turned Up Denim

A wardrobe staple loved by glossy magazines editors and street style bloggers alike, the denim turn up is a very present trend in SS15.

So present on Paris streets, this how to wear denim trend is actually a fine art, requiring just the right number of fold-ups, an over-sized top or a white shirt and some accessories – think adding a hat also, to really master this trend. You may either opt for a classic boyfriend fit or prefer to remain faithful to your skinnies, but be sure to turn them up.

Here are some of the styles I adore

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Ear-cuffs Earrings

I always loved the ear-cuffs. And, lately I have seen them worn everywhere from the red carpet to the street style at the fashion weeks, simply proving that the ear-cuff trend is here to stay. It adds that much needed edge to any type of outfits, from the sophisticated evening dresses to jumpers and jeans.

Here are a few of my favorite styles:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Fancy.

How To: the Stan Smiths

The Stan Smith is the sneaker of this season, and every cool girl, crazy about the trainers trend, has adopted the minimal style as their chic footwear of choice.  From slim-fit pants and office coats to pencil skirts and chunky knits, just try to pair your trainers with your everyday looks.

Here are a few of my favorite style using these shoes.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

How to: Knee Skinny Ripped Jeans

A cool-girl’s style must incorporate the cool ripped-knee denim trend that has been popping up almost everywhere of late, with everyone from street style bloggers to Olivia Palermo wearing their pairs of shredded jeans.

ripped jeans olivia palermo

Wear yours with an oversized coat and a sweatshirt; add a hat/beanie and biker boots or sneakers for an edgy ensemble, but if  you are opting for a more sophisticated city girl outfit, a button up shirt and high heels will add instant polish to this grungy look.

Where you can buy them Primark, Zara

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Wednesday Fav: Wolf 25

You remember that I have received a Liebster Award. I nominated a list of blogs I like to read. It has opened new colab opportunities with amazing people. I would like to introduce you one of them. I have been in love with this brand jewelry- Wolf25 – for a long time now, but only with the award I got in touch with them. What followed is this interview through which I hope you will discover this brand and love (worship is more appropriate in my case) it as much as I do. And just in time for Christmas!


How did you decide to start in the fashion design business? How did you start your label?

It wasn’t something I decided one day. And I don’t see myself “in the fashion business”. I see what I’m doing as something
which needs to exist. I have to create, whether it’s writing, making jewelry, painting and who knows what the future brings.
So it’s something that relates to who I am as a creative human being and it has nothing to do with the decision to start
in the fashion business.

Where does the name Wolf25 come from?

When I was younger, someone told me about Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf. I remember relating quite a lot to that character. I saw some traits there which are also a part of my personality. I’m a wolf, a steppenwolf. And I was 25 back then so that sums it up. It all made sense. WOLF 25 is an extension of who I am and of who I am becoming, at the same time. It will always make sense. To me at least.

How do you approach a new collection, where do the ideas come from?

It takes ages. It really takes ages. Because one day I’ll have one idea, I’ll be inspired by a movie, a documentary, an artist. Then I’ll do some research. In the end, it comes naturally, I do several series of sketches, I postpone the final sketching. I know something good will happen, but I just wanna postpone that. So inspiration is everywhere. A classical concert was once an amazing source of inspiration for me.

wolf25 product
Are accessories a form of rebellion today?

They can be, some definitely are. And I’m not talking about the bold, daring ones in particular. Even the simple ones are in response or in reply, better said, to the statement ones. It’s like we’re always rebelling against something, always evolving at the same time. So if you put it like this creation itself can be a form of rebellion.

wolf25 product

Do you have an accessories designer that you admire?

Yes, for sure. Kadri Mälk and Aoi Kotsuhiroi are two of my favourite designers. I’m interested in their approach, I’m not really following many designers as that can be really uninspiring. I think that in the end, in order to create something that speaks to your soul, you need a white space. That means no more noise, no more gigantic amount of information.

wolf25 product
What does the future hold for Wolf 25?

Only future can tell. I honestly hope for the best, I know I can only influence and act in the present time so I’m trying to make things OK now. I do have dreams, I do hope to see WOLF 25 as a brand who has a small team around it. Although I currently have no idea how to get there, I’m constantly learning.

What is the blog you read most frequently?

OK, so even the niche today is not that much of a niche. You have so many blogs nowadays on just any subject. But this is one blog I read frequently:

Which of the characters from Sex and The City do you think you resemble – style wise?

Style wise, you say. I’d love to say Carrie, I do experiment with style sometimes, but I’ll go with Charlotte and Miranda because I’m playing it more safe. A lot of black, that’s always safe. But beige, for instance, completely washes me out and I’ve never been a big fan of colors. Oh, so I’m actually Miranda.

Favorite trend this season?

I never thought I’d say that but I it’s gotta be the so called Sweet Sixties trend, now back and kicking. The length, the cut, the height. It’s working just fine and I think it’s matching a lot a time where you have to be super fast, be active, be on time, be feminine at the same time. And you can easily integrate it into your own style.

Best holiday destination?

Now, I do wanna say Paris, but I’ll pick Vienna this time. I went there several times and it’s always the perfect holiday destination. Museums, shops, parks, good food, nice people. Always welcoming.

Most wanted present for this Christmas?

Not so sure. I do need a printer but I’m secretly fantasizing about a Numark DJ controller. As you can see it has nothing to do with jewelry. The kid will be a kid forever.

Thank you Wolf25 for the opportunity to get to know your brand and products better!