Valentino – Crystal Clutch

I love this Valentino clutch. Yes, it is very expensive, and yes, that is a good reason not to buy it ($2,750), but still it looks really nice, don’t you think so?

Back to Leather

I know it is very warm outside. But wearing leather is always going to be so stylish and sexy alltoghether. Whether the designer is Donna Karan or Ralph Lauren or Valentino the leather pieces look absolutely fantastic!

Like them? You can buy them online at Neiman Marcus.

Valentino-Ruffled Leather Jacket & Skirt

I love the Nude Trend very much. I find it very stylish and posh 🙂 So, I reaalllyyy like this ruffled leather jacket and skirt from Valentino.

Do you like it?

Trends for 2010

Every year I get a new beginning. All the bad things and the mistakes done in the previous year are erased. I have a lot of new ideas and a very positive to-do attitude. So, I have started to see what trends are in for 2010, to change things from 2009. So, what’s new? What is still in from last year?


Nude Shoes– they were a must last year and we will see them a lot this year too

Blue color, dark royal blue color. For me blue is the new black

Wedges– not such a big fan of them last year, but I can see their potential now 🙂

White Smart Shirts- do I need to say why? 🙂

You will find all of these trends and much more here.

Valentina Kaleido Bag

The latest exquisite creation from Valentino – Kaleido – a bag made of shiny stones on grey satin, creating an interesting kaleidoscope effect.

Valentino Kaleido bag

It looks really interesting don’t you think so?