Weekly Findings

This week in links I found interesting:

When in need to cook something delicious fast- Artichokes and Asparagus ‘Granada’ Style

everydayfatcs artichokes_and_asparagus_granada_styleThis make-up product described as amazing everywhere- theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer

everydayfacts theBalm_Mary_Lou_Manizer_LuminizerThe third piece rule – never put serious thought into this rule, but following this advice, new outfit ideas just became possible

everydayfacts 3rd piece rule

This amazing South Korean photographer who captures neon thoughts in barren landscapes to convey the limitations of language

Getting ready for Spring/Summer and following the 3rd piece rule, I have found this amazing necklace

everydayfacts necklace


Hope you are more inspired!


Weekly Findings

This week’s roundabout:

Some cute St Valentine’s gifts from Fancy

This really important message that made me smile and remember some of the things that make me happy

everydayfacts happy


To emphasize the above idea and be reminded about all those things – this Zadig&Voltaire hat

zadig and voltaire happy beanie

Devilishly desirable Valentine’s gifts for her



And of course, last but not least these gorgeous Spa Heroes products – to help with the ritual of preparing to touch


Weekly Findings

Find below the links of this week:

Need to change you gym routine? Try this oh-my-god-so-hard abs exercises proposed by Tracy Anderson for Goop.

everydayfacts tracy anderson for goop


These DBA sport bras that motivate you want to do more of the above mentioned abs exercises

Send glitter to your enemies company will now start re-sending glitter

everydayfacts send glitter


DIY Conversation Heart Messages – after all Valentines Day is around the corner

everydayfacts DIY napkins


Face adhesives – what say you to this trend – Yay? or Nay?

everydayfacts adhesive make-up


Hope you have enjoyed this week’s findings! What new things did you learn or discover this week?

Weekly Findings

Check out the list of things I discovered this week

Stella McCartney lace bodysuit or the ensemble triangle bra and undies

The Most Important Thing You Can Do If You Really Want to Change

everydayfacts train your mind

Chocolate Face mask – sounds supper yummy

everydayfacts chocolate

5 stages to help you create explosive content

everydayfacts Old Manual Typewriter


This  ebony ring from Plukka- inspired by the form of an ancient Chinese altar table “inlaid” with an amber top

everydayfacts plukka ring


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Weekly Findings

This week I have been in a very searchable mood and I have discovered a lot of interesting links:

3 Reasons Invisible Lip Liner is Your New Best Friend

invisible lip liner


7 Savvy Tricks to Fix Any Manicure Mistake

manicure mistakes

Shape Up: How to Stop Making Excuses

stay fit

7 Ways to Stay Motivated and Accomplish Anything – and last throughout the entire 2015

stay motivated


Hair Serums that you can shop and what are the best depending on what you are searching

long hair


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.