10 Dresses to Wear When It’s Cold

I feel like I have been complaining lots lately about the cold weather, but you know me , I am a summer person over and over again. And, because I still need to get out of the house between November and April, I try -every cold season- to find the most comfortable and warm clothes. Here is a selection of warm winter dresses I love most, because nothing keeps you warmer than a wool dress, and nothing is more easy to throw over in those cold dark mornings and just get going. Just get your chic on!


Photos courtesy of &Other Stories, COS and Uniqlo.

Waiting for Spring Wearing Light Purple

Light purple. Wear the soft purple hue on layers under fuzzy wool sweaters and glossy nails and maybe even in your hair if you’re brave enough.

I absolutely love this pretty pastel shade, being so opposing to the heavy blacks and charcoals typically associated with winter dressing. I try to wear it as often as possible. And wait for spring. After all, winter is almost finished.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Knits with Les Assorties and Laboratorio

Have you checked Les Assorties site? It is a super blog, which has a lot of interesting articles and, yes, they have agreed on writing an article for my blog! Thank you girls very much! In their article, for Everydayfacts, they have interviewed Barbara Cavallo from Laboratorio and without further ado, enjoy the interview!

Colorful knits and knitted accessories are the perfect antidote to the dreary days of winter – what can beat a cozy-yet-stylish oversized sweater, right? For those of you who appreciate the quality and individuality of handmade products, you will be thrilled to discover the range of handmade knitted products by Laboratorio that aspire to find a place in your wardrobe and become a “timeless favorite.” We caught up with founder Barbara Cavallo in a mini interview to learn more about her and her company.

How were you first introduced and where did you learn to knit?

My mom taught me everything, and she actually is the “big knitter”, she is helping me a lot in everything I do.

What inspires your creations?

I love any kind of knitwear, especially if it is comfortable and oversized. I take inspiration from people around the world (I travel a lot) and try to translate this kind of style into my brand.

How much do current trends affect your work?

I sure follow fashion and many fashion bloggers, but only those that suit my style. I cannot stand big brands – I would never wear them – but I do love to find particular things in small boutiques or markets, where you can find works from emerging designers.

How many does it take for your products to be made – from a beanie to a cardigan?

A beanie can be made in one day, but a cardigan is a much more work – let’s say a week.

What types of materials do you use?

I only use pure fibers, 100% wool for winter and 100% cotton for summer.

Lately, we have been witnessing a tendency toward handmade pieces. Why do you think this is?

I think people are getting tired of “conventional,” and maybe seek to experience uniqueness which only a handmade piece can give.

What about knitted pants, perhaps in the future?

You read my mind! I absolutely want to make them, maybe for the following summer.

Barbara works on a made-to-order basis. For more information, visit Laboratorio.

H&M Fab Find

Will you not try today throwing a huge wool kimono over your outfit and a leather jacket on top if the weather asks for it?


Try on this H&M sweater:

hm sweater

Photos courtesy of H&M, Pinterest

Monday Inspiration

Feeling refreshed after the weekend?

Let’s check out some ideas about how we could introduce lace into our wardrobe and outfits, as it has such a great comeback – lingerie inspired fashion has been popping up allover the runways this season! Is there something more romantic than wearing a lace dress – frivolous and sexy- with a chunky wool sweater on top- cozy and warming?

Luis Vuitton Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

PinterestFree People


Where to Get It and Zara

where to get

zara dress


Hopefully you can find some inspiration in this post!

Have a great week!