Ice-cream I Hear You Say?

Having kind-hearted friends willing to help you is amazing. And I have been blessed with them. How does this relate to the Ice-cream with Maria project?

Well, my dear friends pointed out that, in my enthusiasm of the project I forgot to mention that the items that Maria is hand-making are pendants to be worn around your necks. They come on a colored string that matches the color of the pendant and  they measure around 10 cm. And the price is 6 Euros.

When you buy more you get a discount!

Here are a few outfits ideas of how you can wear these great pendants:

To order one or more pendants you can contact us in the About Me tab, using the Contact me form.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Holidays and Icecream

I have new updates on Maria’s progress for the Icecream with Maria project. So enthusiastic to share it with you!

After a few weeks of holiday here are a few of the wonders she has made.  More to follow soon!

I am so very tempted to keep all of them for myself. I am a sucker for happy colors and I especially love the watermelon slice.


Care to have any?

For any inquiries please contact us via the Contact Me form in the About Me tab!

Keep you posted!