About Me

Wow! A whole page about myself!

I am The Girl, very passionate about fashion and as you know Fashion is supposed to make your life better! I decided to write about it as I see it and live better!

Initially, in 2008, pff that seems such a long time ago, I started blogging out of boredom, really, and this blog was meant as a space to document the runway shows and everyday life of actors and stars. But with time and a little effort, this blog has become something more.Today, I love writing about my own personal experiences: products I use, brands I love, outfits ideas. I love sharing my opinions about how to incorporate the latest trends into daily outfits, what make-up is better than other. I like to stay present in the now as much as possible and not to dwell too much into the past – though the #tbt are so much fun, check out this one from some years ago with a fluffy pink thing.

id pic

And I love when my friends call me before buying something or simply invite me shopping with them. I must be doing something good, right? Some self bragging can’t do too much harm, can it? 🙂

I spend most of my free time exploring Paris, searching for that new shop with amazing findings (though I keep returning to &other stories), eating ramen, and getting too excited about Paris Fashion Week and all the street style.

If you enjoy the content found on Everydayfacts you can follow me by clicking the Follow button. You can like the Everydayfacts facebook page. I would love to hear from all of you if you have any ideas, comments or just feel like you ought to say HY! I always look forward to reading your comments! If you would like to see a certain theme/post discussed just drop me a line! I would love to let you know my point of view!

Or you can contact me by completing the contact form:

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading—I hope you’ll stay a while! It’s fun!


The Girl

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