Bracelet Arm Party: Yay or Nay?

A bracelet arm party involves a vast amount of bracelets stacked together to create a fun look. From leather cuffs to tasseled pieces to more delicate bracelets or chains and chunky gold bangles, the style that has been adopted by fashionistas everywhere can be worn in any way you like, making it a seriously trendy version of self-expression.

Is this a trend something that you would start mixing and matching or do you thing it’s too much to go for the Cleopatra look and stack bracelets up to your elbows?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Earthy Bracelets by Modern Flower Child

I absolutely like these earthly bracelets. It’s like having a piece of nature with you always. Especially during these gloomy days, they would be perfect.

The artist, who produces under the name ModernFlowerChild, creates the pieces based in Coos Bay, Oregon. “Each bangle is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, lines, bumps, waves and slight imperfections are part of the unique personality and characteristics of the jewelry,” the artist says.

Photos courtesy of Modern Flower Child.

How To: Leather Cuffs

I really love leather accessories. Consider leather bracelets the next time you are shopping for cutting-edge jewelry. Leather has always been popular in fashion accessories, but now it is easier than ever to add bold leather pieces into your current look.

My primary source of inspiration has been a collection designed by Eniana Velcani, I absolutely love her gloves-cuffs.

Other interesting bracelets and cuffs

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Instant Love: Wishbone Bracelet

How cute is this Wishbone bracelet by Katie Dean Jewelry? Have to add it on my Christmas wishlist, for good luck! And it’s on sale!

There is even a wishbone ring on her site. How cute!


Photo courtesy of Fancy.

Leather Scroll Bracelet

I love bracelets! Some day now I am I will be ready to get my 3rd hand so that I can wear more. What do you think of this Leather Scroll Bracelet?

Leather Scroll Bracelet

Photo courtesy of Fancy.