Home Deco: Navy Accents

From indigo to ink, navy shades have fast become a very fashion-forward way to update the interior of your home. In terms of color matches I love the navy-dusty pink combo, and in terms of textures dark woods with accents of brass and copper. Here are a few fav home deco ideas.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


August Inspiration in Photos

This week in photos and smiles:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Decor: Grey and Dusty Pink

I absolutely love this feminine-meets-industrial home decorating style: mixing greys and dusty pinks. Whether you use these shades to refresh your walls, update your soft-furnishings or as part of final touches – cushions, artwork, vases and lampshades – pair it with copper details to add an extra layer of chic. This is one wow interior trend.

Here are a few of my favorite styles:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Decor: Floating Boxes

Have you ever considered floating boxes for a fast home update and also a stylish storage solution? They are perfect for displaying ornaments, picture frames, books and papers. Give this idea a try and see the results for yourself.


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Home Decor: Vases with Peonies

For an instant room refresh, fill your vase of choice with fresh flowers: hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite at present. Or you might like stems or eucalyptus for a more casual-cool touch. Place the vase on top of a stack of carefully curated fashion magazines for a stylish home update. Here are some ideas.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.