Wrap Around Sandals

Summer is close, or at least I am hoping for it to be around the corner. While waiting for it, I started dreaming of summer outfits like floaty silky dresses and tanned bare limbs, matched by a wrap-around  sandals with high heels. I love them better than the gladiator sandals. Wear them in red with blue ripped jeans or with a white dress and a blazer on top and say Hello! to summer.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

My Favorite Trainers

Yes, I am addicted to trainers. I have many pairs and I am constantly falling in love with new ones.

My latest obsession are the trainers from Common Projects – just amazing! Their pale and nude colors  make them the perfect fit for a lot of outfits! Match yours with a long dress or your light denim jeans. Guaranteed to make you feel and look uber cool. Spring spring where are you?

Here are a few styling ideas:

Photos courtesy of Common Projects and Pinterest.


Password Shoes: The Best Idea Ever

I have fallen in love, yes yes, yet again, but this time it’s here to last. Cause shoes are my best friend and customizable shoes are an eternal friend. Just imagine the infinite possibilities. Me, designing my own shoes…That is something to look forward to! Thanks to the higher powers I have discovered Password- The World at your feet shoes – the shoes that will help you conquer the world.

Password Shoes Big Hug

And I was lucky enough to get an interview with the owner of this business, Paula. Check it below and may you fall in love with her creations as much as I did.

How have you decided to create and start Password? What inspired you? Can you explain the concept?

I went from #selfeet and tons of likes for my shoes on Facebook to building a custom made shoe brand for my friends, their friends, the friends of their friends and so on 🙂

Password Shoes Harley

Their desire to play with colors and prints on the same style made me think of a way to enable it remotely, mobile friendly. From here, the exquisite business design for Password. Their way of living, of enjoying fashion in so many different ways made me think of four types of women I would love to create for all the time: candy girl, amazing mom, party aficionada, 24/7 business lady. From here, the unconventional way I organised customer’s journey in the eshop.

I wanted to be a combination of social media, storytelling and e-commerce. And I got close to my vision with the result.

What were your first steps when starting your label?

I paid a business visit to my Romanian shoemakers, old gents with high standards, and told them we’ve got some handmade happiness to deliver, possibly in the whole country or in the whole Europe. They were totally in.

I made a huge brainstorming with my friends to find out their inspiration, their desires, their needs when it comes to shoes and established the styles, the must have colors, the heels, the bows etc.

I draw the website 🙂 Made an evaluation of the mockups with some great web professionals regarding UI/UX. And started the programming, pampam.

Where does the name Password come from?

I encourage women to reveal their true self by customizing the shoes, to get over fears and templates, to be authentic, because that’s what it takes to conquer the world, that’s the password, the key to having the world at your feet. The logo comes from my handwriting.

Password shoes Jules

Favorite model from your creations? What do you love about this pair?

A pair of white, stylish and comfortable shoes, named Carrie. I thought that, if Carrie Bradshaw were a mother, she would definitely wear these beauties on the streets of NY city.

Password Shoes Favorite model

Do you consider that shoes are a form of rebellion today?

I consider shoes and heels, of course, a form of empowerment, that is why I am doing this business, although I have sold tons of dresses 🙂 in the last five years as a fashion ecommerce director for some UE clothing businesses.

Password shoes Minion

Do you have a shoe designer that you admire?

Charlotte Olympia always makes me smile, the collections are so playful, each piece tells a story, it’s like a signature, love it!

Favorite trend this season?

The patchwork!  But also reptile and jewelled shoes.


Which of the characters from Sex and The City do you think you resemble – style wise?

I am definitely a Carrie with my storytelling and my love dramas and my inclination towards designing the future, not just expecting it. I also have a touch of Samantha, I’m too flirty and too courageous, sometimes 🙂

Where would you like to live? Favorite city?

I am in love with Vancouver because of the mix mountains-sea-big city, because of the entrepreneurial spirit and the cool tech startups and all the thrill; I would like to live there. Amsterdam is my favorite city, my city of therapy, although is very cosmopolitan. I would be there every weekend, if I had the time to travel so often.

Best holiday destination?

I was born in Bran, in the mountains, near an amazing castle, from the year 1377. Every landscape there is a postcard, I highly recommend the destination for your winter or summer holiday!



Metallic Sandals

Metallic sandals are my latest obsession. They look so chic especially with tanned skin, they are a must have. They are such an easy way to add the gold touch to simple unicolored outfits or to elevate a simple laid-back jersey dress. Extend your love of all things shiny to your footwear with a pair of shiny sandals.

Here are a few of my favorite styles

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Square Chunky Heels

Going for a stylish and yet comfortable approach when choosing your summer sandals? I love this season’s trend – square block heels. Seen on fashionistas everywhere, these chunky-looking sandals are as hype as the stilettos and far more comfortable.

I  might even try the cullotes with this model of sandals and I would also choose a nude version to add some extra length. My feet are going to be happy 🙂

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.