Merry Christmas!

Never enough Christmas wishes! Have a Merry Christmas you all!

Merry Christmas

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Friday Inspiration Board

This week in photos that made me smile and think about the celebrations to come! What is your favorite holiday of the year? I love the joy around Christmas, getting together with the loved ones and family, catching up with friends, eating chocolate, who am I kidding, drinking it too 🙂

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Stylish Christmas Tree

This year I have my eyes set on a smaller Christmas tree. I really believe smaller is more stylish and the little version of Christmas trees that look so cute on top of a work surface or in corner of the room, confirm the rule.
Put yours on top of books, pop it on the top of your coffee table or along the window.

Be jolly and find inspiration below

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Chocolate Lover Christmas Gift

I have an especially sweet sweet tooth this time of the year and I really think that this holiday season and  especially, this Christmas, I will be offering lots of chocolate to my friends. Chocolate is a truly crowd pleaser  and a chic box of chocolates will suit everybody’s tastes!

Here are some of my favorite chocolate boxes from Moonstruck, Godiva, Leonidas to satisfy any chocaholic’s cravings.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Friday Inspiration Day

With the holidays literally around the corner, and the shopping rush upon us – but how much fun, right?! here are a few photos that inspired me this week. I hope they will put a smile on your face, too!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.