Ice-cream with Maria Update

My darlings,

Maria 1

I am sooo super excited as the first few items are ready and available. My darling friend Maria has been a busy bee in the weekend!

Tell me you love them!

Which one is your favorite? The ice-cream dessert or the lollipop one? Me? I can’t make up my mind. More desserts coming up your way!




Keep you posted when more will come!



Artistic Project – Icecream with Maria

I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing with you a very dear project of mine.

My friend Maria is a very sweet 11 years girl who is very artistic and loves to create things. She has an infections smile and she loves to carefully observe things and people around her.

Maria 1

On numerous occasions I have been gifted unique items from her creations to hang on the walls or on me 🙂 and I have been thrilled to display them in full view and to hear “Oh My”s from many people I knew.

She has been wanting to raise some money to finance a creation summer camp this year and so we have put our heads together and started this ‘Icecream’ (secret code name 😉 ) project. She is going to work on a bunch of beautifying items: necklaces to begin with…can’t wait to see them! and we are going to sell them in order to raise money for the camp.

I really love her initiative, in a world where most of the young kids prefer to play and be carefree – me included obviously, as I remember only wanting to play and goof around when I was her age, she wants to see the results of her work and get more skills and know-how for something she loves to do.

I find it very important to have hobbies and to be able to nurture them and , why not, turn them later into a profession.

So without further ado let’s get started.


The Girls 🙂

P.S. All resemblance of the picture with Maria is 100% intended, but I did not  want to share her image on the internet. Many thanks!!!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


New Year’s Eve Party Outifts

You know me, always going for the black for parties. I really think your outfit for the party between the years should be modern and elegant with a (grunge) twist. Add edge to your outfit with jewellery, chunky rings and earrings, chic dresses. Here are a few of my latest favorites.

As for the jewellery here are a few choices:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Why Not Lace Tops?

A lace top is the ideal way to tap into the feminine pool. I think it is a great party option, therefore, I ask you, why not try a lace top or a lace dress for your next one? You will for sure turn heads and add to the winter romance.

Style tip:  Pair your lace top with a (full) midi skirt  and strappy heels.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy

I love Natalie Portman and I have seen all her movies. Her next one is a biopic Jackie. Can’t wait to see the whole movie, but for the curious – myself included – out there, this picture was released. Looking super promising!everydayfacts natalie portman as Jackie

The film is directed by Pablo Larraín and produced by Darren Aronofsky (who directed Portman in Black Swan). The story will cover what happened in the days after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

The rest of the cast is impressive too: Peter Saarsgard, Greta Gerwig, Max Casella and John Hurt are all currently filming scenes in Paris.

The film will be out in 2017.
Photo courtesy of Marie Claire.