The Ultimate Must-Have Item by The Life of a Lady

For this week’s collaboration I introduce the blogger Brittani from The Life of a Lady. And she has fallen in love with this amazing pair of sandals. Check her post for yourselves below!

Hey everyone! My name is Brittani from The Life of a Lady! I’m so honored to be a guest blogger here on Everydayfacts.

Today, I’m showing you my favorite item in my closet at the moment. After all, it changes fairly often, but this pair of sandals has been in the top spot for a few months now. These Sam Edelman’s are my go to shoe choice when I don’t know what else to wear! I get so many compliments on them every time I’m sporting them, and that’s always nice to hear, right?

I love pairing these sandals with anything and everything, from a romper, like in my “Life in Color” post, to a swing dress, like in my “I’ve got that tribal feeling…” and “Pretty Spring Days” posts. A great, neutral pair of sandals can be thrown on with anything, and that’s my favorite kind of shoe! The gold hardware on this particular pair sets them apart from others. It adds a unique detail that you don’t see very often, which is the whole reason they’re my favorite sandals!

If you’re interested in these shoes, they are still available at!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post! Be sure to keep up with me on! I love making new fashion friends!

Sandals, compliments, and fashion friends,


The Ultimate Must-Have Item by Pin’s Place

For this week collaboration I present you Piniel from Pins Place and her ultimate must-have item! Hope you will like her style as much as I do.

Hi, my name is Piniel and I am the girl behind PinsPlace, a blog about everyday style. I’m honored to share with you all my ultimate fashion must-have, a black blazer.

I know it is such a basic item of clothing but it might be the most versatile. I love rocking it over a maxi dress or shorts to keep it casual but I can also wear it with skinny jeans and heels or something more professional to keep it elevated. Unfortunately, finding the right fit is the hard part which is probably why I’m extra attached to the one I own which I found at an H&M clearance sale (aka the best shopping ever). It’s a boyfriend fit which means it fits right on my shoulders but is longer and the sleeves are looser than a traditional fit. This makes it easier to layer the blazer over thick sweaters during those harsh winter days. Take a peek at some of my favorite ways to style it:


Piniel S

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{All photos courtesy of PinsPlace}

The Ultimate Must-Have Item by The Pink Snob

For this week collaboration I present you  Jennifer from The Pink Snob. For the must have item she has chosen a black and white dress – such a chic versatile item in spring!

For me, I love dresses that do not go out of style and cater to my every changing size but which stay consistent with my figure.  Also, the dress can be worn in any season -being such a versatile item of clothing- with the right amount of layers, and fits my budget.  Rather it’s at the mall and the thrift I am able to find great looks and deals for my clients as well as myself.

I chose this look because it was simply classic: Black and White. You can’t go wrong with this color combination. I chose this look simply because it doesn’t take a million dollars to look great! The dress and blazer where on sale at a reasonable price that couldn’t be passed up.  Also, shoes are hard to find in my size at certain stores so I was really surprise that the thrift had them !

It’s spring time and dresses are a must have. This look can also be used from work straight to happy hour. The blazer gives it a trendy yet office appropriate vibe. This dress is sleeveless, comfortable, appropriate in length and will never go out of style.

Check her site also!


The Ultimate Must-Have Item by AlinaSays

For this week collaboration I present you fabulous Alina from AlinaSays. For the must have item she has chosen the trench – such a chic overall in spring!

The trench coat is an item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It’s a classic overcoat that was originally designed for army officers to wear during the war, in the trenches, hence the name trench coat. It was made of a water proof khaki material and had shoulder straps designed for epaulets. Both Burberry and Aquascutum claimed the invention of the trench coat, but we love Burberry, don’t we? 🙂

Nowadays, the trench comes in all sizes and colors and since we don’t need to carry hand grenades or large documents in the deep pockets that were meant for all that, the design has now many variations and styles. The only details that stayed the same are the self-belt and the double-breasted large buttons.
Over the years, the trench coat has become popular and versatile. It’s not only a classic piece but it can also elevate an outfit. However, I believe that you can go from elegant to sporty, bohemian, office or rock as long as the rest of the outfit has the right vibes. Anything goes. It’s all in your attitude. You can even accessorize it for a better blend with the style you chose. Whether it’s a different belt, a statement brooch or some kick ass epaulets, I believe you can turn your trench coat into something more fun and less serious.

I am a big fan of this coat. When it comes to length, I love it short or medium and the reason for that is because I am not very tall and I don’t want to look as if the coat is wearing me. Short girl problems 🙂 Lately, it has become my go-to overcoat. Its best quality is that it brings a sophisticated touch to my day to day outfits. I usually wear it with skinny jeans, a classic tee and sunglasses or with simple flowy maxi dresses. Effortless chic is my true style and I feel that the trench coat is the ‘chic’ element in my wardrobe. For more polished looks I combine it with midi skirts or dresses in neutral tones, heels and a powder pink flower brooch that helps me channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw. There are also times when I like to wear it in unexpected combinations like with sneakers for a sporty look, a print shirt dress for some boho vibes or high waist black shorts and a rock tee for a rock-ish look. It goes without saying that there are more ways to wear a trench coat and I’m sure that while reading this, you already thought of an original combination that fits your style.

It’s Spring and now is the perfect time to flaunt your trench coat so go ahead, be chic, be sexy, be adventurous, be unique!

The Ultimate Must-Have Item by White and Pink Peony

For this week colab I present you Emmanuelle! She has an amazing sense of style and I was really happy when she agreed to writing a post for my blog! He ultimate must-have item is the black dress.

Hi, Everydayfacts readers ! My name is Emmanuelle, a 23 year-old French blogger. I am your host on White and Pink Peony. Today, I’ll show you how to turn a day wear look into a night outfit.

Going from day to night can be tricky. Let’s start with an outfit you could wear at the office. As a base, I choose a black, close fitting dress. It is very simple : the fabric is comfortable, there is nothing superfluous. Yet it looks chic, with the below the knee lenght and the ¾ sleeves. A nice basic I got from Zara a year ago. That’s typically the classy dress, perfect to go to work.

I add a forest green perfecto from Zara to rock it a little bit more. It gives a modern finish, it can be a twist to the classical jacket or blazer. I pick a large shouder bag I bought at Mango, because when you are going to work you have to use this kind of bag to put folders or anything. A small clutch is pretty, but totally useless in this situation. For the footwear, let’s play chic and comfy with a pair of loafers, still from Zara. I just love those shoes. Proof that high heels are not the only way to look polished and professional ! Of course you can accessorize your outfit with jewels : I have a very fine bracelet from 5 Octobre and a ring from Di Giorgio.

As for the beauty look, well I’m not really into make-up and elaborated hairstyles. So I’d make a quick bun not to have my hair falling down before my eyes and just put on a bb cream and some mascara. Here, done !

So when your day at work is over and you have a party afterwards, what do you do ? Some years ago, I read the book « Style » by Lauren Conrad, and she was talking about this topic. If you don’t have the time to go back home to change yourself, the trick is to take some high heels from home and hide them under your desk, and always have some extra make-up in your bag (yep, a large one is useful, see 🙂 ? ). With my black dress, there is some cool stuff to do. Indeed, to turn my day look into a night look, I’m going to swap my loafers for those Zara high pointed heels. Very high, not easy to wear that all day long, so keep it for the night. This time, your favorite clutch or purse is appropriate : here I have an silvery vintage purse I can wear on the shoulder too. I like the form, and even if I’m not into shiny thing, I must say I literally fell in love with this item. It is perfect for the occasion. This bag is very visible, so I don’t want to use big accessories, it would be too much. I put on those camée earrings, and some fine silvery rings I got at Moa and Bershka. Talking about an occasion, let’s put some make-up on : your fundation must be well done, mascara is already on, so you can just add a red lipstick. Vibrant, pink, orange … choose your favorite one. Here I wear a very dark one from Kate Moss’ collection for Rimmel London. I let my hair down to change a bit. You can spray it with a Tigi product that will give them brightness.

And then you are ready to go to dinner or partying 🙂 If you’re cold, don’t hesitate to put on a classic coat. The longer it is, the chicer it looks in my opinion.

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