Cool&Crazy Bags Seen During Fashion Month

It’s always interesting to take a look back when the fashion month is over. And if I wrote a lot about street style in New York, London, Milan and Paris, I also think that  accessories have a great impact in any outfit. So here is a round-up of my favorite ones and the most scary ones.

And my crazy bags top

What do you think?

Photos courtesy of The Cut.


Love these type of fashion pictures!

Commoner Creature

A captured moment is perhaps my favourite style of images within the vast and unlimited categorical specter of photography. Photographs that rely little on the environment and more on the individuals facial expression, the shape of their bodies and the moment they are in reveal so much more than any fancypants ANTM type of shoot. They are generally more enjoyable for me, and as a pretty basic person (no need to front) I can relate a whole lot more to personalized images that set a mood than a dolled up celebrity captured by the likes of LaChapelle (which in their own way can be beautiful as well).

This set is a pretty accurate description of my week so far, haha.


❤ Inghild

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Weekly Findings

This week in links I loved:

How colors become a trend -Minion Yellow – a very interesting article

color trendThis list of fashion faux-pas for 2015

indoor sunglassesAnother how-to comprehensive guide to body-brushing, and trust me it has amazing results

body brushingPre-bed exercises that will work while you sleep, OMG great invention

prebed exerciseThese brilliant video marketing campaigns – take a 5 minute break, you deserve it, it’s Friday!

Video_Marketing_CampaignsHappy Friday, guys!

Mustard Yellow Styling

Yellow is associated with joy, optimism and energy and is one of the colors of autumn. Add a pop of color and sun into your outfit. Mustard yellow is a versatile color to incorporate into your wardrobe. Learn how to inject a bit of freshness into your ensemble and gain a positive boost in your mood and outlook as a bonus, just by adding a bit of mustard yellow.


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Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Suvi Koponen Covers Vogue Paris March 2013

Suvi Koponen covers Vogue Paris. The photographs were taken by Mert and Marcus. I like Suvi very much.

Suvi Koponen Covers Vogue Paris March 2013

Photo courtesy of StyleFrizz.