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Let’s check out some ideas about how we could introduce lace into our wardrobe and outfits, as it has such a great comeback – lingerie inspired fashion has been popping up allover the runways this season! Is there something more romantic than wearing a lace dress – frivolous and sexy- with a chunky wool sweater on top- cozy and warming?

Luis Vuitton Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

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Where to Get It and Zara

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Hopefully you can find some inspiration in this post!

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Thandie Newton for Louis Vuitton Double Exposure

Louis Vuitton  has elected actress Thandie Newton as the star of the latest chapter in its Double Exposure film series. The project creates two “portraits” of the sitter: one a literal portrait and the other a portrait of the subject’s inner self, in a film where the sitter reveals their most treasured possessions and the story behind them. I think Thadie is a very good match for this project. I love her beauty.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Uk.

Luis Vuitton Creatures

I have found a very strange collection done in collaboration with Luis Vuitton called Creatures. I believe they look kind of peculiar The animals have been recreated in the form of Louis Vuitton accessories by Billie Achiellos.

Photos courtesy of View on Fashion.

Adriana Lima pregnant

Yes, I know we all know she is pregnant, but Adriana Lima showed off her pregnancy at the Louis Vuitton celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. The event was held at New York’s Natural History Museum.

adriana lima pregnant

Louis Vuitton Core Values Ad Campaign Moon Odyssey

Luis Vuitton Core Values ad campaign celebrates the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s first steps on the moon.  The  ad campaign features Sally Ride – who was the first American woman in space, Buzz Aldrin- he was in Apollo 11, and he was among the first steppers on the moon, Jim Lovell – the commander of Apollo 13.

The ad places the astronauts under the Moon, in a truck looking up the night sky.

louis vuitton core values ad campaign astronauts

I wish I would step on the Moon! 🙂