New Year’s Eve Party Outifts

You know me, always going for the black for parties. I really think your outfit for the party between the years should be modern and elegant with a (grunge) twist. Add edge to your outfit with jewellery, chunky rings and earrings, chic dresses. Here are a few of my latest favorites.

As for the jewellery here are a few choices:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Barely There Jewellery

I like a lot this trend of barely there jewellery. So simple and chic. These understated pieces of jewellery say a lot more than a statement piece. I like most the rings, but the necklaces are amazing also. Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favorites styles:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

New Love: Shourouk Jewellery

Shourouk is a Parisian -of Tunisian descendant – designer that innovates when it comes to jewellery. She ingeniously incorporates Swarovski crystals into her pieces and the result is positively amazing.

Photos courtesy of Shourouk.

Richard Elaver Intricate pens, fashion-forward jewelry

Richard Elaver has a lot of imagination and sense for future fashion accessories. Love the necklaces and bracelets and the pens. Coming from a metalworking background, Richard Elaver has developed several ingenious applications of the nascent tool.

Photos courtesy Cool Hunting and Richard Elaver.

Janel Laza- Metalsmith and Jeweler

Australian designer Janel Laza is specialized in metal working, which cleverly combines with a passion for plants. The jewels of the line “Mosstrocity” are made of plants and moss, instead of gems and precious stones. Minimal accessories, that appeal for their simplicity are wow!

Photos courtesy of Janel Laza.