Eye Make-Up: Green Envy

Why not try a new eye color today? The SS16’s freshest new shade: green eyes. Spotted on the catwalk at MaxMara and DVF, the surprisingly wearable look can do wonders for you look.

What do you favor: deep emerald or pale mint? Whatever color you choose pair green eyes with luminous skin and some peachy blush. Here are a few ideas:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Blue Eyes Trend

Blue eye make-up so screams summer that there is no wonder that I have seen it all around, both on the streets and on the  catwalk among designers like Fendi, Ellie Saab and Emanuel Ungaro who were dearly embracing the aquatic vibe.

I have discovered that a tiny slick of pastel liner can freshen up, in an instant, tired eyes, but still I am not entirely comfortable with wearing this color – I guess I have not reached that level of boldness yet, and I am more faint-hearted when it comes to electric blue, but still for a polished chic evening look I have opted for darker navy shadows.

What is your opinion on wearing blue eyeshadow. Would you try a blue mascara?

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.



Weekly Findings

Find below the links of this week:

Need to change you gym routine? Try this oh-my-god-so-hard abs exercises proposed by Tracy Anderson for Goop.

everydayfacts tracy anderson for goop


These DBA sport bras that motivate you want to do more of the above mentioned abs exercises

Send glitter to your enemies company will now start re-sending glitter

everydayfacts send glitter


DIY Conversation Heart Messages – after all Valentines Day is around the corner

everydayfacts DIY napkins


Face adhesives – what say you to this trend – Yay? or Nay?

everydayfacts adhesive make-up


Hope you have enjoyed this week’s findings! What new things did you learn or discover this week?

Beauty Resolutions for 2015

I am sure that there are a lot of things I could have done better in 2014. For instance, learn how to do that great black eyeliner line, and not stop after a few unwanted results and black smudges on my entire face, eat more vegetables and drink more water, give up on juices coated with sugar and maybe a few french fires. Yes, I am not perfect, just close to it :), but I am filled with optimism about 2015.

beauty resolutionsThis year I have fewer resolutions about my everyday life, but I am set on having beauty resolutions. As I am not 18 anymore, but OH! how I wish that! My skin has started showing aging signs, as it is normal, and I want to have a beauty routine in place so that I can postpone the lines for a while. Having decided this I give you my beauty resolutions:

1. Remove my make-up every evening and not sleep with the mascara on, using as an excuse some article I have read 10 years ago, that mascaras have I do not know what vitamins that are good for the eyebrows

mascara smudges

2. If rule no.1 fails, remove mascara in the morning and do not put a new coat of foundation to cover the black smudges

3. Use a SPF cream every day, or SPF and cream, or BB cream with SPF, but use SPF, sun is not my skin friend, just mood changer from better to best

BB cream SPF Bobbi Brown4. Continue with the brows ritual from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Has become a routine from frequent usage now. Keep doing it!

5. Try a new beauty look once a month and bring something new in my everyday looks – go out of my comfort zone and experiment

6. Finish a product before jumping to buy a new one, like this I will give time to products to really work – I have such a long list of next in line products!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, Huffington Post.

The Hunger Games Guide to Party Wear

I like the Hunger Games movie so much. And I can’t wait to see this last one episode that is in theaters now – Mockingjay. Katniss’ outfits are an inspiration for the party season that is here.

We all need party wear that will guarantee a grand entrance. Having already mentioned the party make-up it is time to address the partywear.

If you are not into this movie as I am, you can choose among glittering shorts, scoop back dresses and lace tops; there are plenty of ideas. Don’t miss out on the final touches too, think drop chandelier earrings and silver box clutches that round off an outfit in style.

Photos courtesy of Zara and Pinterest.