New Year’s Eve Party Outifts

You know me, always going for the black for parties. I really think your outfit for the party between the years should be modern and elegant with a (grunge) twist. Add edge to your outfit with jewellery, chunky rings and earrings, chic dresses. Here are a few of my latest favorites.

As for the jewellery here are a few choices:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Chunky White Pearl Necklaces

Just in time with the snow outside, I have discovered a new obsession with the white chunky pearl necklaces. Add them to look stylish and modern to the New Year’s Eve Party.

Which are your favorites and will they match your outfit?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Charming Charlie Necklaces

I love when by reading other blogs I discover interesting useful things. It has been the case with a post from Life In Pearls and a Sports Bra blog. There I have discovered Charming Charlie Necklaces. They are lovely. Here are my top3 favorites.

everydayfacts Charming Charlie necklace


everydayfacts Charming Charlie necklace

everydayfacts Charming Charlie necklace


Simply gorgeous and not expensive at all! Thanks A!

Necklace Wishlist

Yes, I have a wishlist for everything. And now I present you the necklace wishlist. Having some statement necklaces already I have discovered these simpler ones that say as much as the statement ones if worn well. A uni shirt – white or black – is the perfect canvas for such necklaces.

Masbisjouxnecklace magix

Lulu Frost

Which are your favorites?

Weekly Findings

This week’s round-up from the world wide web:

secret santa

1. With Christmas just around the corner, here are some cute ideas for the Secret Santa at your office: Tealight holder, There’s no fun Mug or this Smoky Dior nailpolish (the gold one looks great also)

2. Speaking of Secret Santa I kind of dream about – Sexiest Man Alive – Chris Hemsworth

sexiest man alive

3.  Wondering – like me- why lately your skin is drier? Here is why!

4. Ji Oh Ny – a special source of WOW! clothing items – just in time for offering that perfect gift to your uber cool friends

4. Ever wonderd how become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps – adulting blog – here it is! Very interesting idea.

5. Super Mr Grey necklace that is on my wishlist – still have to decide if before of after Mr. Hemsworth. To be worn with a chunky sweater,mmhhmm super cute!


6. The perfect cute gift for your baby girl, or the baby girl of your best friends or why not for your inner child?



Stay tuned for next week of weekly findings!