Fun Evening Bags

Parties, parties, parties! All around! Accessorize your outfit with a fun bag, that will be for sure a cool way to make an entrance and a guaranteed conversation starter. Choose among the Charlotte Olympia – Dachshund Pandora clutch, the LuLu Guinness Lips clutch, the Sequin cross body bag from Asos, the Bao Bao Issey Miyake, Lucent 2 clutch, or this satchel from Olympia Le-Tan and why not this velvet one from Zara.

Which is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Telegraph.

Cool&Crazy Bags Seen During Fashion Month

It’s always interesting to take a look back when the fashion month is over. And if I wrote a lot about street style in New York, London, Milan and Paris, I also think that  accessories have a great impact in any outfit. So here is a round-up of my favorite ones and the most scary ones.

And my crazy bags top

What do you think?

Photos courtesy of The Cut.

New Obsessions

I know if I were to search there would be a new thing to be obsessed with everyday, but the items I like most are the ones I accidentally discover or I discover them with the help of friends. This time it was Kristina – who has this amazing blog, and who has introduced the Fjord watches to me – the black ones are amazing.

For my second obsession it was a newsletter I received from Coach NY just showing the perfect small bag – I love the metallic one, the black talks with me also, but the metallic…

Just great! Love them!

Bags with Je Ne Sais Qu’à

A dear friend of mine showed me this fantastic site, and immediately I started browsing it and discovered some amazing accessories. I will be sharing with you today the bags that made me tick.

Can I have them all?

Why Purses Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

I am a bag person! Sometimes shoes, but most of the time purses are my number 1 deadly sin. Hence I am constant on the look for another great finding, and this is how I have discovered the designer Irina Neacsu from The Craft Lab and her lovely bags. I love the idea of  how The Craft Lab tells old stories in new words.

I know I said just bags, but I also love the chairs done by The Craft Lab. Being a Batman fan myself.