How To: Sleeveless Vest

I am so in love with the sleeveless vests. They are extremely versatile no matter the season, under your coat or thrown over your leather jacket.¬† Just pop it over a classic shirt for that effortlessly ‘I woke up like this’ vibe. Or add it over a turtleneck with rolled-up sleeves. Good for weekend and in the office.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Cosy Warm Outfit: Sweater and Jeans

Cold weather is all around us, and all I can think of is finding a cosy warm outfit – fit for office hours too, fit for lazy weekends too – come on Saturday! So, why not go back to the sweater and jeans combo? Try a warm turtle neck or your chunky favorite sweater, skinnies or slouchy jeans and some boots. Set to go!

Here are some ideas:

Feeling warm enough? Me not likely until spring, but still.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Friday Inspiration Board

This week in photos that made me smile and think about the celebrations to come! What is your favorite holiday of the year? I love the joy around Christmas, getting together with the loved ones and family, catching up with friends, eating chocolate, who am I kidding, drinking it too ūüôā

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Friday Inspiration Day

With the holidays literally around the corner, and the shopping rush upon us – but how much fun, right?! here are a few photos that inspired me this week. I hope they will put a smile on your face, too!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Mix Chunky with Flirty

Wondering how to work your summer skirts this winter? Try matching your oversized chunky sweater with your flirty skirt for off-duty style that can be worn even in the office.

Tone down a sequin skirt with a chunky turtleneck, or mix a leather skirt with a fluffy cashmere sweater. And don’t forget those sneakers or boots. So chic in this combo!


Here are a few ideas:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.