Trend Alert: Stacking Rings

This spring is a great time to adhere to the new stacking rings trend. No more winter, cold weather and mittens. Just your hands and the rings on them. And this stacking rings trend that any cool girl would be glad to get their hands on is just great.

One standout ring will be enough to have the compliments roll in, but for a truly of-the-moment look stack a multitude of rings on various fingers. Keen to try them for yourself? Here are some of my favorite styles.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

How To: Tassel Jewelry

There is something about tassel jewellery that screams spring and summer and general well being and always brings up with me images of sunny weather and music festivals. Get yourself immersed into the fun and warm season ahead of us by wearing your tassel piece of jewelry as a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Love them the most, the longer the better!

Here are a few interesting ideas to incorporate yours into daily outfits

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

How To: Invaluable Rings

I love jewelry. Adding chunky necklaces to a romantic outfit, or impressive romantic rings to an otherwise casual attire is the best way for me to add a special edge to my daily outfits. I decided to make some boards emphasizing on the jewelry as the central piece and build the entire outfit based on the jewel itself and its colors. I found the rings on Invaluable, witch is a really well built auction site. So, if you want to enrich your shopping experience and add a new thrill to it, try to auction for a piece of jewelry. It can become really fast very addictive.

Invaluable ring

Invaluable ring

Invaluable ring

Which board is your favorite? How would you style a big impressive expensive looking ring? Would you try to tone it down or emphasize it?

Necklace Wishlist

Yes, I have a wishlist for everything. And now I present you the necklace wishlist. Having some statement necklaces already I have discovered these simpler ones that say as much as the statement ones if worn well. A uni shirt – white or black – is the perfect canvas for such necklaces.

Masbisjouxnecklace magix

Lulu Frost

Which are your favorites?

Current Obsession: Macabre Gadgets

Having seen the rings, collars and earrings from Macabre Gadgets I have no choice but to recommend them to you as they are fascinating. My favorite one is the Unicorn ring.
Unicorn ring
Macabre Gadgets is inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side, which is inherent by the world view of mankind at all times, epochs and styles, from the early Middle Ages to progressive postmodernism. 
The Macabre mood of jewels is embodied by cutting-edge and traditional jewelry execution techniques and materials: pressed coral, silver & gold inlaid precious & semi-precious stones, pearls and metals.
Great jewelry to wear to a party and be the center of attraction.