Friday Mood

This week in images I loved and made me smile and think about summer! Happy Weekend!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Friday Inpiration

These couple of weeks have been kind of hectic, but I still managed to let myself be inspired by all the beauty out there. Apparently I am getting ready for summer, at least on the inside. Hopefully warm weather will be here soon. Enjoy my selection!

Friday Inspiration Board

This week in photos that made me smile and inspired me for the week to come! Spring is soooo here 🙂 Or at least in the photos!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Friday Inspiration Board – Cartoons

What were your favorite cartoons?  The ones that you have grown up with? Here is an inspiration board of my-all-time-favorite cartoons!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


Olivia Palermo Style Follow-Up

I really like Olivia Palermo’s style. She has a fresh approach that I absolutely love. She looks all the time stylish and does not need to go overboard in colors or extravagant outfits to stand out. Here are some pictures from Paris and London Fashion Week 2016.

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire.