Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Back on Gossip Girl Set

I can’t wait for the season 3 og Gossip Girl to begin on 14th September. I know this will also means that summer has truly ended, but still a new episode from Gossip Girl makes it allright.

I have grown to like Taylor Momsen quite a lot through the last episodes of season2. Here she is on the set filming new episodes, blonder than ever, wearing a great purple dress.

taylor-momsen violet dress

And what do you think these 2 are up to? I mean Chuck ( Ed Westwick) and Jenny? šŸ™‚

ed-westwick and taylor momsen

3 thoughts on “Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Back on Gossip Girl Set

  1. there is nothing going on with chuck and jenny, chuck is just trying to make jenny the queen bee again that is, so the only way for him to do that was to go out with jenny and show all the popular thats she the number one queen bee, blair doesn’t even know whats going on until chuck tells her, chuck even convinces jenny herself to go with him, she doesn’t even want to go.


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