Controversy: Tight vs Large Turtleneck

As the temperatures turn towards winter, the  turtleneck is becoming an essential part of your layering wardrobe – the high neckline and long sleeves will keep the chill off no matter what weather comes your way. Pair your turtleneck with skinnies or a mini skirt and don’t forget about adding layers

If you were to pick a favorite in your wardrobe would you go for a tight turtleneck or a large one?

Which of the 2 styles is more chic and elegant for you? I, for one, can’t make up my mind.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.


21 thoughts on “Controversy: Tight vs Large Turtleneck

  1. I like both choices. I wear the tight ones with high waisted pants that have flared or boot cut bottoms. I also wear the tight ones with skirts that are fuller on the bottom as well. I love the large loose ones with skinny jeans and pants and skinny pencil type skirts. Basically it really depends on what I’m wearing on the bottom. Love all the looks you picked out.


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  3. Choosing is hard on my end too. they are both chic and elegant and they both say the same thing differently when worn. I love the collection that you put up though.


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