10 Dresses to Wear When It’s Cold

I feel like I have been complaining lots lately about the cold weather, but you know me , I am a summer person over and over again. And, because I still need to get out of the house between November and April, I try -every cold season- to find the most comfortable and warm clothes. Here is a selection of warm winter dresses I love most, because nothing keeps you warmer than a wool dress, and nothing is more easy to throw over in those cold dark mornings and just get going. Just get your chic on!


Photos courtesy of &Other Stories, COS and Uniqlo.

19 thoughts on “10 Dresses to Wear When It’s Cold

  1. It is also cold back here in my country and it’s pissing me off, however I get to dress for it which is my favorite part. On to your dresses for the cold weather, they are all giving me life because I would wear each one of them. You have an eye for fashion and style thus you managed to choose a great collection to showcase. Great post doll!


  2. I loooove your selection. I am also a summer person and seriously hate the weight of winter layers. So the lovely dresses seem like a perfect option to stay warm, pretty and light. Great post!

    Natalia | Lindifique


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