Layer It Up for Fall

When temperatures drop, as they are doing lately (I am so sorry for that), it’s time to layer up for a look that’s both practical and pretty. The good news? You can pile them on (or peel them off) depending on the ever-shifting forecast. Here are some of my favorite ideas for wearing jackets, cardigans and scarves in ways that are sexy, not bulky.

If you’re going to wear a big, comfy top, you’d better wear body-hugging pants underneath. A distressed pair of boots adds to the cool vibe.

Turtlenecks are the new norm-core item and wearing one does not look nerdy at all, if you style it wisely.

Layer a shirt with a sweater and/or a blazer! New kind of cool!

So how do you know if you’re wearing enough layers? Easy. If you’re warm enough to walk a few streets, you’re golden. If not, keep piling on, following the above ideas.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Layer It Up for Fall

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